About Us

About Us

WozJobs Inc., aims to be the Wozniak to your Jobs! The name is meant to symbolize one of the greatest partnerships of all times: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the founders of Apple.   In this relationship, Jobs was a marketing genius, while Woz was a tech god. 
The team consists of incredibly talented software engineers, design experts, and marketing experts.  The team specializes in web, mobile and software development. We are honest, ethical, and hard-working individuals that will put our hearts and souls into your project. 
 While navigating through the development landscape we have noticed two things: we have one of the fastest completion times and one of the highest customer satisfaction rates. 
Our mission is to help all our customers turn their dreams into a reality in the most seamless process possible.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

WozJobs does not stop until your project is completed to the highest level of quality imaginable. We make sure that your vision in brought to fruition and that you are aware of our progress every step of the way.

Our Mission

Our Mission

WozJobs is on a mission to be the best quality software engineering firm in Toronto. We will do this by putting the customer first and making sure that deadlines and transparency is provided through every step of the process.

What We Do

WozJobs works countlessly do develop the most challenging of projects. We are a customer first firm, that prides itself on not only its developing skills but also communication skills.




Trevor Bergeron

Technical Project Manager

A mechanical engineer by trade but an entrepreneur at heart. Trevor has created and worked with a multitude of companies, learning the ins and outs of what goes into developing products. Has the ability to manage people, make sure that deadlines are hit and the highest standard of quality is met.


Yang Zi Zhou

Senior Full Stack Developer

Yang has been developing websites, mobile applications and complex software for the last 8 years. He derives a lot of satisfaction from bringing a client’s dreams to reality. Yang is frequently praised for his ability to work incredibly fast, efficiently, and diligently.He actively looks to tackle seemingly impossible challenges.


Lorenzo Dice

SEO Expert & Videographer

Lorenzo has over 7 years of SEO experience and has helped YouTube channels gain over 62 million views. In the last 4 years he has expanded in videography in order to help businesses and influencers with storytelling. If you’re looking to get more brand awareness and excellent storytelling to create a Culture around your brand he will get the job done.


George Adrian

Mobile (Swift, React Native) Developer

George has been developing iOS and Android applications with Native (Swift, Objective-C), Hybrid (React Native, Flutter) for over  5 years. He boasts an impressive array of apps that truly demonstrate his ability to create what others can’t.

Liu Jie

Liu Jie

iOS, OCR, AR Expert

Liu has been developing iOS conventional iOS applications for many years and has managed to keep up with the trends and become a specialists in Optical Character Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. 


Yun Cheng

Senior Web Developer

Yun is the main web developer at WozJobs. He has been developing web products (websites and apps) for close to a decade. He derives great satisfaction from creating fully responsive websites that you can use on any device.