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It is difficult to thoroughly detail what exactly we do as marketing communications, because we never do the same thing twice. Your brand and the challenges it faces are not exactly like anyone else, so we avoid cookie-cutter approaches.

Just as important, marketing technology is changing rapidly and quickly transforming healthcare marketing. Some of the accepted ways of motivating and reaching consumers were unheard of even a few years ago. Progress isn’t about to stand still and neither can we.

So instead, we’ll focus on the Agency’s 5-step process, which has guided our success for over 25 years. We apply this methodology to every new project we tackle. In short, we examine, diagnose and treat.

We start by asking lots of questions. We challenge preconceived ideas and notions and will likely turn a few things on their heads.
To assist us in this step we rely on our proprietary situation analysis and brand audit, which we have developed and fine-tuned over two decades. Through this process we delve into your brand, business requirements and objectives, marketplace trends, competition and audience stakeholders.

In an industry that is filled with many large egos, we believe in teamwork. We view the client as a vital part of the creative process. And while we respect each client’s point of view, we know there is one opinion that is even more important — the client’s customer. In the end, there are two things we must always bring to the table: our objectivity and your customer’s perspective.


  • We don’t believe that good is ever good enough.
  • We don’t believe that big is better. Better is better!
  • We believe in outsmarting, not outspending, the competition.
  • We believe that big ideas are limited only by our imagination and not by the size of your budget.
  • We will never take ourselves too seriously or let our own egos get in the way of the work … or having fun.
  • We choose to work for clients who respect the creative process and the contribution we can make to their brand and bottom line.
  • We believe in teamwork and see the client as a vital component of the team. We will fight for what we believe in. But we won’t be jerks about it.
  • We never forget it is YOUR money.